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 Dark side of the Moon

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PostSubject: Dark side of the Moon   Fri Nov 06, 2009 7:13 pm

Vinyaya POV

The crowds of haven. I hated it. I was five minutes late for work.

And I knew I would pay for it. I saw Julius. He was the only male that treated me with dignity and respect. “Hey, Bonnie” he greeted me with a warm smile. “Hello, Julius.” He grimaced. “Don’t call me Julius!” he warned. “Don’t call me Bonnie. Would you prefer Juliet?” I laughed mockingly. “Oh yeah like you can talk mommy’s little Bon- Bon.”

My smile faded. He quickly dashed off yelling back. “Last one there is an Ark Sool!”

Ugh! The little cheater! We dashed pass the crowds of pixies, sprites and when Julius got tripped by a goblin I dashed ahead. I hit the door of the LEP and won! Julius caught up seconds later. “Julius you owe me dinner.” I gloated. “From when?” he exclaimed!

“Last time!” I laughed. I slipped into a crowd of men and the commander never noticed me.

I found an e-file once I logged on.

Major Vinyaya,

I have a mission for you that I want to run flawlessly. You will be the pilot.

Your team is

Julius Root- (awesome!)

Turnball Root- (I can deal with him)

Ark Sool- (this operations screwed)

Briar Cudgeon- (I hate him!)

Report to my office at six.

---Commander Charatez

My IM dinged

.Cityelf: did you get the e-file?

Silverhair: yes I did

Cityelf: and we have briar!

Silverhair: I hate him!

Cityelf: y???

Silverhair: u know y! hes a pig!!!

Cityelf: u just have 2 get 2 know him

Silverhair: he will betray u Julius

Cityelf: oh like the day u will dye ur hair red!

*Silverhair has logged off*
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PostSubject: Re: Dark side of the Moon   Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:16 am

Chapter 2


The commander stared us down as if he could put the fear of Frond into us.

the task at hand. A psychotic elf ran away not to the surface , but to
the dark side of the moon. So, you and your team are to capture him."
Julius and I looked at each other, stunned. A million questions were
running through my head, yet only one would be answered. Which in my
experience is never good. Now was the time to act mature. Julius and I
couldn't screw off on this mission.

" You will leave in 20
minutes, good luck: oh and the main leader of this mission is Vinyaya."
I heard a groan from Sool. The commander left the room and after a
moment of silence, I finally spoke up.

" Look, we have to put
our differences aside. It's a day's journey to the moon, not to mention
a few more hours till the dark side." Julius picked up
" None of us like the situation, but its not about us."

" Well said Majors, if I do say so my self." was a pipe from Cudgeon, then Turnball.

" Heck, we may never have any fun on this mission, eh brother?"Julius did not reply.

I don't see why he left Vinyaya in charge though." Of course, Sool is
taking a chance to knock me, once again. Julius took a deep breath to
calm himself.

" We are all team layers, this needs to run
smoothly, so we need to get along. If we have a problem with someone,
it needs to be pushed aside." I said with a sharp glare at Sool. He
backed off immediately. I turned sharply on my heel and walked out of
the room down to the ops booth, where the tech crew would set us up for
the mission.
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Dark side of the Moon
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