The Land of Gaurdian 7-76

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For everyone who has a passion for art, writing, and rpleplaying
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 The Land of Gaurdian

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PostSubject: The Land of Gaurdian   The Land of Gaurdian I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2009 2:37 pm

In the Land of Gaurdian there are 4 kingdoms That make earth what it is first is the Love kingdom with King Richard Queen Ruby who if God wills it shall reogn until the Queen dies as for all the kingdoms Thier children are Princess clarissa love Princess Crysal and Victoria Then in the land of Night There are King Fabian and Queen Petunia with their children the twins Princess Moonlight and Prince Ash then there is the good kingdom with the soon to be crowned Princess Vanessa for her parents fleed Gaurdian then there is the elemental Kingdom Queen flame was ruler and there was her daughter Princess Lissa. All of them had no fear of any one ever attacking until Lucifer Lord of evil attacked.

Clarissa Love P.O.V

I sat there determined to make this love spell perfect "Lovicus, Marcus." I said to my maid melony. She sat in the corner and suddenly said "I think I will say yes to Marcus proposing to me." I did a victory dance then thought she would leave court and leave my side but at least she will be happy with him. the night kingdom was visiting I skipped off to find Ash my best friend along with Moonlight.

Ash P.O.V
She looked amazing in all red of course that was her color oh who was I kidding she would never love me I was only the best friend
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The Land of Gaurdian
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