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 The Coven Matter

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PostSubject: The Coven Matter   The Coven Matter I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2009 2:40 pm

I walked into a new school for the first time called Jomar High School home of the

lions. I was in the princapals office I stated my name "Jason Wick." " Oh nice to

meet you Mr.Wick" at all schools it was the same speel. " Well Mr.Wick we have

one of our finest students to show you around Mary are you out of the bathroom."

" Yes Ms.Jones." rang a voice like wind chimes. When she walked in my jaw

dropped she was beatiful long blonde hair, goregeous big Blue eyes and a long

white skirt with a t- shirt and tennis shoes. with a cross neck lace. He could tell

she was his soulmate. But how did a Catholic get together with a Wicca?

My friend Colin was being highly annoying as he can be. He gets along just fine with everyone. So I left him at his coven and left to go see Mary but not like a date but shes helping me with my studies.

During our class my stupid brother thought he would be a hot shot and say that Wicca's are better than Catholics God bless mary she just toke a deep breath and ignored him at that I dont know what came over me but i leaned in and kissed her. she responded by kissing back I leaned back she just smiled and blushed feriously I grined she liked that. Will you go to the dance with me I asked I'd be honered to. she replied. Just then the concil burst in and said be gone you Catholic freak I looked at them in bewilderment she ran out the door and left a note that said if i had known you were witch i would have never of said yes. Mary! I yelled but she was gone. Then the concil rounded on me I knew the punishments of dating a Catholic death for you and the Catholic.
Mary P.O.V
I cannot belive it he is a Wicca and I think im in love with him. I mean really in love with him. He was so sweet and funny. This could mean death for me though
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The Coven Matter
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