A couple months ago a email was sent to each of the old users, stating that if they didn't want their accounts to ignore it and if they did to log on.
Sense no one replied my guess is that the email was deleted or due to difficulties never reached it's destination. There was a one week time to reply, or not to it. If the email did not reach you and your account was unjustly removed my apologizes for the screw up

For everyone who has a passion for art, writing, and rpleplaying
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 Rules of the Free Forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the Free Forum    Thu Oct 14, 2010 5:15 pm

This is where rp's that don't really have a purpose can do, also useful for increasing your post count
rules are simple.
Only make as many rp's as you can keep up with
don't beg people to join if they don't have too. and please, use proper English when posting chat speak is fine but try to make it understandable for the replier
don't spam topics or 1x1's if your not one of the two people posting. I still approve ALL charaters (Scott the wolf) and Admins and moderators can be NPC's if need be, and most cases will gladly any other questions feel free to post below

And Scott the wolf, NO , NO warriors style rp's in this section, that's what the warriors rp sub forum is for this is for anything unrelated to Osmosis jones, Teen titans vampires or anything else listed. you know miscellaneous role plays only one topic per rp

Now we all deserve to die Even you, Mrs. Lovett, even I. Because the lives of the wicked should be made brief For the rest of us death will be a relief We all deserve to die.

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PostSubject: Re: Rules of the Free Forum    Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:20 pm

Thanks Sorrowgrave

and why would I post Warriors rp's here????
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Rules of the Free Forum
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