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A couple months ago a email was sent to each of the old users, stating that if they didn't want their accounts to ignore it and if they did to log on.
Sense no one replied my guess is that the email was deleted or due to difficulties never reached it's destination. There was a one week time to reply, or not to it. If the email did not reach you and your account was unjustly removed my apologizes for the screw up

For everyone who has a passion for art, writing, and rpleplaying
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 Tom and Melinda

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Melinda's POv

I was walking into my Antique shop.
"Hello Dehlia," I greeted
"Hi, Mel." she replied "we got a new shipment of cups." she also informed me.
I went in the back and opened the box and all of the cups were porecilin except one. It was pure gold and had a badger engraved on the front. I picked it up and dropped it. There was a soul attached to it or rather part of a soull. This was my first time encountering that. When I looked inside the cup there was a man that looked sort of like me but about 2 years older. He looked like my father Tom Riddle but not quite. My last name was Gordon beacuse I took on my Moms name. My father left when I was Five years old. My mother says it was beacuse my family could see ghosts. I hated him for that. My daughter came in
"Belinda, Do you see a ghost in here?'' she nodded it was offical there was a ghost in here.

Lord Voldemort POV

I was sensing something but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. So I fowllowed it and I reached a quiet little town called Grandview. I fowwlowed it to an Antique shop and saw my cup. I took on my human form and walked in. There was a black haired girl at the counter. She looked well like me. But I had killed all of my relitives. Or so I hoped. I saw recognition in her eyes. "hello. I am Tom Riddle." I said. She gasped. then returned to normal. Hi I am Melinda Gordon and I think I Know what you are looking for."
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Tom and Melinda
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