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A couple months ago a email was sent to each of the old users, stating that if they didn't want their accounts to ignore it and if they did to log on.
Sense no one replied my guess is that the email was deleted or due to difficulties never reached it's destination. There was a one week time to reply, or not to it. If the email did not reach you and your account was unjustly removed my apologizes for the screw up

For everyone who has a passion for art, writing, and rpleplaying
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  1. Fallen Angel
    Humor : Eh, I don't feel funny today, maybe... *yawn* tomorrow...
    Rank: RolePlayer
  2. princessofslytherin
    Humor : A persons a person no matter how small- Dr.susess
    Usergroups: Guardians, Patrol, Sheriffs
    Rank: Admin
  3. Qwackie
    Humor : Apples. Think about it.
    Rank: Member
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Rank: Admin
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