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Sense no one replied my guess is that the email was deleted or due to difficulties never reached it's destination. There was a one week time to reply, or not to it. If the email did not reach you and your account was unjustly removed my apologizes for the screw up
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 Settings for the Nadia rp

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PostSubject: Settings for the Nadia rp   Settings for the Nadia rp I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 13, 2010 1:25 pm

Setting is in a Victorian city, but not london ,actual geograpic location is not important but it has harsh winters and brief cool summers. The city is into 3 parts, the District the court and the Ghetto, the District was raised by a fire once almost 300 years ago and more recently 2 in which almost all of the poplation was killed off. The Ghetto is by far the largest part of the City, with a matching poplation .Sadly this part can be discribed as slums inside of ubran decay. Much like the real Victorian London.Populations are spread out rather remarkably the District has the lowest poplation and yet even with the fires people still live there.The Court is the richest part of the city, yet sense only .1 percent of the poplation makes a yearly salery of over ten million a year In a city mostly filled by slums this is to be exspected.Another problem is Sub-replacement fertility (people are dying off faster than babies are being born to sum it up)
The soical ladder is like this:
Grandmasters (law makers, judges and heads of the goverment)
Their families (wives, children other family members)
Factory owners
Other Bussiness tycoons
Entertainors, Musicians, and actors (Grandmasters like being entertained)
Prostitiudes/Misstresses/Old ladies
Common folk (the Jane and Johns of the court not rich not poor every day folk)
Run away slaves, those avoiding inclosure and crimenals hiding form the law

Nadia/Morth (these two are rivals working to control the Ghetto)
Nadia's men those who work for her/Morth's men those who work for him
Ati (Nadia's consort, you mess with him you die, Nadia is like a god in the Ghetto, she's above the law)
the silent children (nadia's spies)
Loan sharks
Factory workers
Street urchins/Beggers/Run away slaves
Nobodies (homeless, the desendents of slaves or Bastard children of courtborn gentlemen , orphans the lowest of the low in society, Widows and singlemothers unlucky enough to have no one to take care of them like a brother, father or other male relative.)
Noteable leaders:
Wyvern Vander Hellsing (head dog in the Court, Ghetto and District, he's above any and every law)
Cheza "the widow" Shadow Viker's wife she rules in her late husband's place
Edmund Elders Cheza's brother, the father of Nadia's current host
Nadia- A witch, incharge of the Ghetto
Morth- Nadia's bussiness rival (and single XD)
Novemberia wyvern's little sister, she lives with Morth , who is a distant cousin of hers
Lazarus Nadia's right hand man and her "pet"

will update as due

Now we all deserve to die Even you, Mrs. Lovett, even I. Because the lives of the wicked should be made brief For the rest of us death will be a relief We all deserve to die.
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Settings for the Nadia rp
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