The Freedom of Coice Act 7-76

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 The Freedom of Coice Act

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The Freedom of Coice Act Empty
PostSubject: The Freedom of Coice Act   The Freedom of Coice Act I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2009 2:56 pm

Imagine innocent children just dying in a matter of the mother's decision wether or not she wants a child. This is exactly what abortion is. 1.3 million innocent children are killed in a year in the united states only. Also if the freedom of choice act goes through then that number will increase by 125,000 a year. What exactly is the freedom of choice act? Well first let's explain how abortion became legal. It all started when a single pregnant woman went to court against Wade to legalize abortion at first the case did not win but when it went through a second time the Supreme court passed it through. Though only if it was before you could see the child on an ultrasound. Then partial birth abortions started happening which was even worse when you can see the child from an ultrasound. Now soon there is to be that dreded act that Barack Obama says it will be the first thing he signs as president but congress is a long way away from passing it. Here are the repercussions of passing this act one, the Catholic bishops will not stand for it and are furious. If this bill goes through the Catholic bishops will close down all Catholic hospitalss which make up 30 precent of the nations hospitals. Teenagers can have abortions without parental consent. Also babies can be aborted up to the 8th month of pregnancy. There is already a strain on the pope and Obama's relationship over this act. Also the March for life will be canceled forever. Churches can be sued for preaching that abortion is wrong and worst of all the mother will not get the decision if the baby is aborted or not. There is one question I have to ask myself is it worth killing the babies, risk losing the pope, all the time fighting to kill innocent children? I really do hope this act does not go through. Who knows what will happen next killing children that are already born?
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The Freedom of Coice Act
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