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 Hellbound. Demons/humans

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PostSubject: Hellbound. Demons/humans   Hellbound. Demons/humans I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 9:53 pm

And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment,
—Hebrews 9:27

-This has nothing to do with religion, it's mainly just a roleplay about, well, Hell.-
It is the year three thousand ninety two. Japan and Hawaii, along with various other islands and peninsulas, have flooded over water. As war raged on, the skies, impossible to see under the filters of smoke and ash, grew red. The land burned. Plainly, everyone died, one way or another. It matters not.
Thousands of years afterwards, on the day, according to our calender, was May 4th, 7112. The bodies were awakened. In another realm. Fires burned, they could barely breath through the smoke. Then... a laughter. The hundred humans that had managed to live to 3092 heard it, chills running down their spines, though the heat burned their skin. Some were used as slaves, others ruled by the side of Satan. It matters not.
No Mary Sues
No Power Playing
No God Modding
Put flying pie eating screaming banshees in your post.
Not everyone is a demon. Half and half, preferably.
Sheet (Human):
Age of death:

Sheet (Demon):

Name: Dracvinar
Appearance: Dracvinar has long, sleek off black hair, and colorless eyes. His style is rather odd, one day in neon green robes, and the other in a black, ash laden tunic. He is five feet and ten inches tall.
Gender: Male
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Hellbound. Demons/humans
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