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PostSubject: Characters   Characters I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 2:14 am

Okay... well, this is awkward... I'm the first poster. Well, I guess I'll just do what I did in eny Roleplay I did. I start off by making a character! (Hey, I can spell that now. Sweet)

So, here she is:

NAME: Lolita Infinity
Hight: 6'1
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: Black, knee length
Eyes: Deep, dark blue
Build: Very slender
Skin: Bone White
Power: Raising the dead, manipulating Spirits and Emotions.
Lolita, or also known as Lola, was the first born of her Wiccan mother and father. She had a twin brother and sister. Lola was ten years old when they were born. By that time, Lola developed sevril mental problems. She was Bi-polar, as well as anorexic. It was also learned that Lola was suffering from cronic depression. Her mother and father did all they could to cure her from the pain. It made things worse when every night her sister would cry because she always had stomach pains, and she hated her brother because once he got older, he was snotty and agressive.
Lola was sleep walking one night, and when she awoke, her bother and sisters blood layed on her arms. She killed them both in their sleep at the age of five.
Lola was sent away, but not before she was cursed with her brother and sister's spirits. Her brother's represents the anger, her sister the sorrow. Out of anger, she was able to use her body as a weapon for her brother's spirit and kill off the cops. Her sister is used for manipulating the minds into making them go mad with sadness, and kill themselves. Lola can't control which spirit she can use.
Lola can raise the dead thanks to her spirit power. All she has to do is touch the dirt in which it lays and raises them. It's the only power she can control.

So, yeah, that's her. I just made her up but... I like it. I'll develope it more if anyone is willing to join in with me. Anyone? Anyone want to join?
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